Advanced Knitting Instructions

Advanced knitting instructions can help you master some new skills and add some fun to your knitting.

Have you ever stumbled upon a knitting technique you haven't heard of before?

That is usually the way most of us find out what new and exciting techniques are out there - by mistake!

Have you ever been able to substitute "a better way" than a pattern calls for?

If you have, you have reached the ranks of "advanced".

It is quite empowering, but I warn you, it is addictive!

Take a look and see if there are any new tricks you might like to learn.

Cable Sampler Scarf From simple to complex, knitting cables are a fun method of adding form, texture and fun to projects. Have you ever tried knitting cables without a cable needle? You might want to check it out!

Double Pointed Needles

Knitting with double pointed needles is not as difficult as it looks.

Whether for socks, mittens, or just finishing your first seamless hat, dpns are good to know.

Give it a try when you are ready!

Magic Loop Technique

The magic loop may be the only needles you need!

  • two at a time...
  • flat or in the round

There is more magic behind this odd looking circular needle.

Knitting Backward

Knitting backward?

  • Why?
  • When?
  • How?

You may be surprised how often you find a reason to knit backward!

3 needle bind off

Check out how the 3 needle bind off can create a most professional finish to your seams with no sewing!

Sewn Bind Off
Or, you need a bind off with some stretch?

Try the sewn bind off. Quick, easy and stretchy!

I hope you've found some new techniques to try out.

And here is a little secret - the only difference between basic and advanced knitting is what you are exposed to and what you try to do.

So, try out a few of the advanced knitting instructions here and learn something new.

Have fun and...

Keep On Knitting!

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