There's More Than One Way of Casting On Knitting Stitches?

Well, yes. In fact there are a ton of different methods of casting on knitting stitches!

Most of us learned one way when we first started to knit. It was most likely the favorite of the person who got us started. Some of us thought that was the only way!

Every project begins with an instruction to "CO" or "cast on" a specific number of stitches. Rarely does a pattern specify what type of cast on method to use.

You might be thinking... What difference does it make as long as you have stitches to begin?

It really becomes knitter's choice.

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You can decide which method produces the effect you are trying to achieve for the particular pattern. Some produce a firm edge while another creates a more elastic edge.

Some choose speed... which method can you do the fastest?

Too tight or too loose? This is just another factor to consider when selecting the best method to cast on knitting stitches. If you are making a pair of socks and cast on too tightly, you may cause a problem with fit and wear.

So, let's explore some of the more popular methods for casting on knitting stitches. Click on any of the highlighted links to learn more about how, why and when to use different cast on methods.

Since most of all cast on methods begin with the slip knot, let's start there.

Most "how to cast on" resources will always begin by making a slip knot.

The single cast on method may also referred to as backward loop, e-wrap, or e-loop.

The long tail method of casting on knitting stitches is perhaps the most common.

The tubular cast on is also referred to as an invisible cast on.

This knit cast on (sometimes called a 2 needle cast on) method produces a fairly loose cast on.

The cable cast on produces a nice even edge.

The rib cable cast on is quite a clever way to have your edge be exactly the same as your ribbing.

The provisional cast on is generally used by more advanced knitters and serves several unique purposes.

The crochet cast on produces a nice edge that mimics a standard bind off.

Remember, it's always about choices! Try some out and when you are starting your next project and the pattern simply says "CO" x stitches, let the designer in you shine and come up with the best cast on method to show off your best work!

If you have checked out all of the methods of casting on knitting stitches referred to here, you are way ahead of the crowd.

Keep on knitting!

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