Duplicate Stitch Hides Those Yarn Tails

If you thought duplicate stitch was an embroidery technique, you would be right. Now we are going to learn how it can be used to weave in and secure all of our yarn tails.

Have you been frustrated with weaving in yarn tails and find they show through on the front of your work?

How about when one comes loose and pokes it's ugliness out on your masterpiece?

Well, if you would like to learn how to avoid these common problems, this will become one of your favorite finishing techniques.

If you are familiar with The Knitting Guild Association, you will recognize Arenda Holladay in the following set of videos. Arenda is a Master Hand Knitting Committee Advisor and Instructor of the Basics, Basics, Basics class.

The first video takes you through how to weave in the tail from the edge of your work.

In the next two examples, there was a color change in the middle of the row.

And lastly, this video shows you how to weave in tails in ribbing. This uses a bit of duplicate stitch and working up one leg of stockinette stitch.

I struggled trying to learn how to master this technique from print copy. Video makes all the difference and getting it from a pro is an added bonus.

So, work up a swatch of stockinette and add a color change mid-row and do a bind off. That will give you four ends to weave in.

Get out a tapestry needle (one with a large eye and not too sharp end)and try following the path of the stitches. Refer back to the video or pause it while you try to mimic what Arenda is doing.

This really becomes an excellent method to understand stitch construction. I admit that at first, it can be quite dizzying and depending on your age, you may need some stronger eyeglasses!

Once you get it, you will know that you will be able to do this effortlessly.

I hope you will give this a try and see if doesn't become your standard method for weaving in ends.

Keep On Knitting!

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