Jogless Jog - How Clever Is That?

The jogless jog is another very clever tip you don't want to miss.

If you've ever knit a hat in the round with color changes (either stripes or motif, you undoubtedly wished for a way to eliminate the jog that occurs at the point of the color change.

Knitting in the round can be thought of as knitting spirals. When you begin a new color at the start of a round, the first stitch is actually sitting on top of the first stitch from the previous round. This creates a "stair-step" effect that is the bane of most knitters.

If you have just accepted that "it's just the way it is", you may get very excited to learn that you now can fool it!  You will be thrilled with the result and never want to see a job in your knitting again!

Once again, Meg Swansen comes to the rescue.

While designing her Swedish dubbelmossa, she found that at the end of the first round of a new color, pick up the right side of the stitch in the row below (with the old color), put it on the left needle and k2tog. Following her instructions, the photo right shows that it really does work - no jogs can be seen in the motif patterns.

The technique is simple and Mimi Kezer demonstrates how simple it is in this video:

When working stripes, it is a snap!

When working with a pattern motif, be mindful of the fact that each time you change color you are moving the beginning of the round over 1 stitch to the left. Keep that in mind when you are following a chart.

Try the jogless job out on a swatch. I think you'll be fascinated with the effect.

Keep On Knitting!

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