Knitting Blocking Boards
Another great tool!

For years, knitting blocking boards were unknown to many knitters who have knitted for 20 years or more.  They have, however, always been advised to block your work!

Why? The reasons vary, but here are just a few:

  • Eliminate the curl of stockinette stitch
  • Smooth uneven areas due to tension differences
  • Lengthen or expand part of a garment - i.e. sleeves, bust, etc.

  • And most of all...
  • Gives your work a very professional finish worthy of kudos!

Knitter's Choice

As with most aspects of the knitting craft, what tools you use to block your work is your choice.

Small pieces are pretty easy to deal with. You can use a towel on any flat surface which is not negatively impacted by moisture.

Counter-tops, washing machine or dryer tops, or even an ironing board can be used effectively.

Sweaters, blankets, scarves, and lacework pose a different problem.

Let's see...

  • What surface is large enough?
  • What surface will not be negatively impacted by moisture?
  • What surface will be undisturbed for one to several days for complete drying?
  • What surface will accommodate "pinning" work where needed?

After struggling though many options, knitting blocking boards quickly become one of those prized tools in your tool box!

This blocking board has a screen-printed measured grid which allows projects to be blocked evenly. The top layer is covered with a heavy duty denim and is padded with a water resistant lining, while the soft polyester bottom fabric protects any surface from scratches and abrasions. Each layer provides a pin-through surface.

And best of all, when you are not using it, it folds up, has easy carry handles, and will fit in your closet or under the bed waiting for the next great project!

A bit pricey, but well worth it for the ease and practical use

Blocking mats may be a more economical solution for you.

These foam rubber mats fit together like puzzle pieces to make the size and shape you need.

They are easy to put together and are easy for "pinning" your garment into shape. They are easy to store and you only use the squares you need to fit the garment you are blocking.

These run about $2 US per 12" square.

These are just two of my favorite knitting blocking boards.

Whatever your choice, make sure it is one that will help you to...

Keep On Knitting!

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