Knitting In The Round - Without Limits!

Knitting in the round might be thought of as "knitting without seams".

  • Do you hate sewing seams?
  • Or maybe you just like the appearance of knitted items without seams?
  • Do you hate to purl?
  • Or maybe, you just want to learn some new techniques.

Anything that is tubular in nature like socks, hats, sleeves, and with the right tools, even sweaters and jackets can be knitted in the round.

One of the joys of working in the round for many knitters is that the front of your work is always facing you and if you are working in stockinette, you are always knitting - around, and around, and around!

As with most aspects of knitting, there are several different methods you can use.

Double Pointed Needles

You may be familiar with double pointed needles (DPNs). Most sock knitters learned to knit socks using DPNs.

Some chose NEVER to try knitting socks as juggling 4 or 5 needles was too intimidating.

As you move from one needle to the next, you may find "holes" that will need to be dealt with. "Ladders" are also a common complaint where your rounds join together.

A bit too fiddly for some of us to master!

DPNs are really not suitable for sweaters or projects with a larger circumference.

That being said, it may come in very handy to master knitting with double pointed needles. It really is not as difficult as it appears.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on knitting with double pointed knitting needles.

Circular Needles

Along came the circular needle. What an incredible invention. Two needles attached by a flexible cord of varying lengths!

Yea! No more seams! No more limitations on the size of the garment.

They come in all sizes and can accommodate any size sweater body circumference.

Some people have converted to using circular needles for all their projects - tubular and flat.

For large projects it is much less stressful to have the weight in your lap instead of spread out on straight needles.

BUT... don't you love buts?

When your project get too small for the circulars, like when you are decreasing the finishing rows of your hat...

You are advised to switch to DPNs! Get those dratted old needles back out just to finish my hat off!

Well, maybe not.

Look Mom, It's Magic!

The Magic Loop that is. The magic loop knitting method uses circular needles with a very long flexible cord.

Not only can you knit any project in the round, you can work on two at a time.

Yes, two socks, two sleeves, two mittens and anything you can think of that is tubular.

This brings a whole new meaning to knitting in the round!

And if that doesn't get you excited, think about this.

By working in twos, you will always have the same number of rows.

By working in twos, any design flaws in one are likely in another.

That is called "design modification". No more ripping out to make things match!

Now you know what "knitting in the round" is all about. Which method do you want to try?

Whatever you choose, remember to...

Keep On Knitting!

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