Learn To Love Knitting Nupps

What in the world is knitting nupps?

If you haven't ventured into the world of lace knitting, you may not have come across this term.

A nupp is an Estonian knitting technique used in lace knitting that adds texture when combined with the openwork typical of lace.

It originated in Estonia and is often found in lace knitting patterns. Some have described it as "like a bobble" or looks like a flower bud. The nupp is more elongated that a typical round bobble.

Designer Nancy Bush has made this technique quite popular among many knitters. In her book, Knitted Lace of Estonia, you will find beautiful lace patterns where nupps are used to add elegant texture.

In this photo (from an interview with Eunny Jang on Knitting Daily TV), you can see a shawl with a design of flowers of the lily of the valley made with nupps.

Pretty, isn't it?

Designer Nancy Bush

How To Make A Nupp

The instructions for making a nupp are pretty simple. They will ready something like this:

Knit a stitch, keep it on the left needle and then loosely *yo, K1* as many times as you want. This depends on how "fat" you want your nupp to be. They are ususally 5, 7, or 9 loops.

That is the easy part. On the next row you will be instructed to knit or purl all nupp stitches together.

That's when many people struggle, and some give it up altogether. The tip here is in the word "loose". Very loose... very, very loose!!!

It is so worth mastering this technique as the result is so lovely. Definitely practice on a swatch until you feel comfortable with it before beginning a larger project.

In this video, Nancy show you how to make the nupp. She makes it look easy!

If you are still struggling with this method, you might want to try a version by Myra Wood where she uses a crochet hook to make the nupp and finish it at the same time rather than finishing on the next row.

This method is definitely easier to get going and produces just as nice a result.

Get out some needles and yarn and give it a try. The next time you see a pattern that calls for knitting nupps, you will happily tackle it with confidence!

Keep on Knitting!

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