Splicing Yarn - Big Benefits

What is splicing yarn and why would you want to learn how to do it?

Most knitters learned that whenever they were joining in a new skein of yarn, always start the new yarn at the edge of your work.

The reason for this was simple - you can weave in the two ends into the selvage later on thereby hiding the ends from view.

Weaving in ends in the middle of the work might show and not look very good.

Pretty simple right?

Well, suppose you could take a few minutes and splice the new yarn with the old yarn?


  • invisible join could be done anywhere
  • doesn't matter if you are working in the round or flat
  • no loose stitches where you start the new yarn
  • no ends to weave in
  • ah, the problem of where to hide a join on that lace shawl is non-existant
  • oh, and then there is that reversible afghan
  • and then there is that annoying occurrence when you are in the middle of the row and you pull a length of yarn from your center pull ball and find - yep, that dreaded knot!!!

If you let your imagination run wild, you will probably come up with more reasons to make this on of your most favorite methods of dealing with joining in new yarn.

Be forewarned.. Success with splicing yarn is pretty well guaranteed with animal fibers. Synthetics are doubtful, so proceed at your own risk!

So, here is how to do this magic:

    1. Untwist the two strands you wish to join about 3-5 inches back from the ends.

    2. Break off (do not cut) each ply at a different length so that you have a staggered array of ends.

    3. Overlap the two ends in the palm of your hand.

    4. Dampen the other palm and briskly rub the ends of the wool together for about five seconds.

    5. Add a little twist and keep-on-knitting!

Some refer to this as "spit splicing" as they lick the palm of their hand in step 4. You may hear of some actually putting the yarn in their mouth to moisten it. Whatever you choose, moisture and the friction from rubbing the palms together create enough heat to fuse the fibers together. It is quite magical!

The following video gives a great demonstration of yarn splicing with a single ply yarn. Single ply has you twisting the "tufts" together versus the 2-ply, 3-ply (or more)in the steps above.

Happy yarn splicing!


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